Hard Surface Flooring

All you need to know about hard surface products. 

Our Hard Surface Selection

What makes hard surface flooring unique? Is this the best flooring option for my home? You must have a lot of questions! But don't worry, the experts at Tastinger's Floor Covering in Franklin, NC, are here to give you all the answers. From laminate to hardwood, hard surface flooring is synonym of reliability and durability. They are a great investment when looking for floors for many years to come.

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In recent years, laminate floors have become very popular with homeowners looking for new flooring options. What makes them a great option for your home? Find your answers here:

  • Benefits of Laminates


These are not the typical hardwood products you are used to see at stores.  We carry the best hard surface products in the industry:


Thinking about vinyl for your home? Here are other advantages you should consider:

Our Vinyl Brands:

Invincible LVT


Did you know...It is possible to have a wood floor made from cork? Take a look:

Natural Stone

If you want flooring that is unique, long lasting and luxurious, an excellent option is natural stone floors:

Expert Advice

Looking for flooring areas for a specific area in your house? Find your answers here: