Best Floors for Outdoor Spaces

floors for outdoor spaces

Whether it’s a patio, porch or some other outdoor covered area around your home, the right flooring will help it stand out and will add a decorative touch to the area. You might be wondering just what some of the viable options are when it comes to outdoor flooring. Thankfully, there are great alternatives to choose. This article will take a closer look at some of these ideas outdoor flooring, as well as pros and cons of each. 

Stone:  Stone flooring looks terrific and can immediately improve the appearance of any outdoor area. Another benefit to stone is that it’s able to stand up to all types of weather if it is installed the correct way. Speaking of installation, that’s often one area where stone falls short – when an inexperienced contractor installs stone flooring outdoors, premature wear and tear will be experienced. Stone is also one of the more expensive outdoor flooring options. 

Tile: For any flooring that is designed to be installed outdoors, it has to be resistant to water. Tile is no exception, as individual styles of tile are purpose-built for use outdoors and feature extra grit or surface texture to reduce any potential slipping. Tile is also a bit cheaper of a flooring option than stone. One disadvantage to tile is that it can crack and deteriorate if proper care is not given. 

Wood: Contrary to what many people may think, wood is also a viable flooring option for outdoors, as long as the right type of wood is purchased and the proper maintenance is carried out. Wood floors are often preferred because of the warmth and elegance they bring to a room, and homeowners can recreate the same type of ambiance outdoors. If this is an option you are considering, it is important to discuss the wood options with a flooring expert at Tastinger’s.
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