If you want the best floors for your home, then you have some research to make. This all-out battle will show you the pros and cons of the most recognized flooring options in the industry. Take a look at the pros and cons of hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood and engineered stone flooring. Comparing Options of Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

If you want traditional plank hardwood, then the biggest issue is selecting the wood itself. You’ll need quality cuts, which drives the cost up. The installation costs aren’t terrible, as the wood goes in easily, but that’s only true if you have an even floor at the outset. Wood planks are prone to warping and damage if they have uneven stress, and they need treatment to make them more water resistant. These factors can add heavily to installation cost, and the wood itself is one of the most expensive options available. If everything is done right, it can lend to a beautiful finish, but compared to the other two options, it has a heavy maintenance factor. 


•    Among the best-looking floors available

•    Relatively easy installation

•    Popular among home buyers


•    High maintenance

•    Vulnerable to water damage and warping

•    Conditions can make installation extremely difficult

Hardwood FloorsEngineered Hardwood

This is a way to get the finish of hardwood while tempering some of its weaknesses. Engineered options use a thin layer of high-quality wood as a finish on the top, with more universally practical layers underneath. This cuts material costs substantially, and it dramatically cuts the wood’s vulnerability to water and warping. It still requires a fairly even ground for installation, but it can handle more change than non-engineered wood floors. The biggest drawback to engineered wood is that it isn’t properly standardized, so finding good quality can be a challenge.

•    Improved durability

•    Easy installation

•    Beautiful finish

•    Improved home value

•    Lowered material cost


•    Inconsistent quality

•    Still prone to warping

Engineered Stone

Stone floors have a timeless look that never fails to improve home value. The drawbacks of true stone floors are similar to hardwood. Uneven surfaces complicate installation, and the material cost is among the highest for any flooring option. On the pro side, stone floors are pretty much the most durable thing you can find, and the look is excellent for hiding dirt and spills. Engineered stone slashes material prices and makes installation substantially easier without sacrificing the aesthetic or durability. One of the best factors is that stone floors actually improve their look with age. 


•    Extremely durable

•    Great look that improves over time                                                                                                                                      

•    Adds home value                      

•    Lower material cost

•    Installation doesn’t depend on floor evenness   


•    Labor intensive installation

•    Some variants can be slippery when wet