The Secrets of Cork Flooring

Tastingers-Floor-Covering-Franklin-NC-Cork-FlooringDid you know...

It is possible to have a wood floor made from cork? Although it is not an option considered by many, the reality is that cork has been used for flooring for many years and has a lot of benefits customers are not aware of. Cork is a unique type of flooring made from the bark of a cork oak tree. You must be thinking this is not an environmental-friendly alternative, but don’t worry because the tree is not cut down or harmed in any way during harvesting. The bark will grow back, making cork a renewable resource. If you are considering cork as a flooring option for your home, visit Tastinger’s Floor Covering today. Our flooring gurus are waiting to assist you in your purchase.

The Benefits of Cork Flooring


The air pockets in cork’s construction give it a sponge-like structure. This allows the floor to recover from indents left from heavy furniture or dropped objects. Depending on the object’s size, weight, and the amount of time it spent in one place, the floor may partially or even completely return to its original state. Cork is also comfortable to walk, stand, and sit on.


The air pockets in cork trap warm air in the winter months and cool air in the summer months. This helps you save money on heating and air conditioning; reducing your impact on the environment.

Sound Resistant

Cork is great at absorbing sound vibrations. The sound waves lose intensity as they travel through the air pockets in the floor than they would by traveling through a solid surface like tile or hardwood. This makes cork very useful in entertainment rooms, children’s playrooms, and recording studios.